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The concept that I'm specialized at in here is only meant for romance, caring, cute or hot concepts of "damsel in distress" or "captorXcaptive" play where everyone is safe and happy.






Just call me Vero
^ This was a wonderful collaboration with my amazing sweet friend :iconbeautifulmidnight42:
..It was so inspiring, romantic, and very sweet.. :rose: :love: :blowkiss: :heart: _ :heart:

Have you ever wanted to capture someone you love! :heart: Or get captured and excitingly escape or romanticly saved! :rose:

I love this concept and specialized in that theme ..Only in a cute or romantic way! :blushes: ..meant for roleplaying, excitement, fun, and romance ^^

I only love the cute side of the concept.. I actually hate the the darkside of bondage and the extreme or violent aspects :no:

I really love cute art, survival themes, and sweet romance which many amazing friends and awesome people here are very talented at :thumbsup: :eager::heart:

A sweet and a very cute heroine always gets captured and looks adorable :heart: The damsel in distress concept can be so amazing, cute, and romantic :rose: .. It's wonderful to be the one who will save you :heart: or.. capture you!!! :blushes::flirty: :iconbackhug: :heart: :iconloveredplz:
Capture/keep/hold me tight..:tighthug:
And.. Never want to let me go..!! :heart:
:iconaawplz: Because love bonding is so strong and lasts forever..:rose:

:heart: Love to be your captive only if you're sweet and gentle.. :heart:
:heart: Or ..Waiting for you to save me !! .. and looking so cute! :heart:
:love: It's sweet .. so romantic .. and exciting..:iconlovepowerplz::iconlovespinplz:

..........................:iconblueheartplz: I :heart: it:iconblueheartplz:

About the theme ..…
I do collaborations with friends, comics, fanfictions, roleplays, and pics are mainly for RE & DMC




:glomp: :rose:

:heart: .. :heart: .. Cute art and people!!! XD :hug:

... :heart:...:heart: .. Resident Evil and DMC games ^^ :)

:heart: .. :heart: .. Playing games and fun with friends :D

.. :heart:..:heart: .. Playful concepts and making people happy :tighthug:

:heart: ..:heart: .. Claire Redfield and Kyrie so much !! XD :rose:


:dalove: :iconwhiteroseplz::iconwhiteroseplz::iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz:
Hiiiiiii there everyone :wave: I'm here to report that Vero is still alive! (if someone cares :XD:) It's been a looooooooooooooong time and I really missed being here! :glomp::icondaplz::hug: Hope my lovely Claire and all my friends are safe and sound ^^ Please report back to me ASAP if you get this message! XD I miss you :tighthug: :heart:

In other news, I just found out that I was tagged !! So let's get to it ..


1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.
Tagged by:

Hmmm 10 facts about me? You sure you want to know? My story is not for the faint of heart. If somebody told you it was a happy tale, if somebody... (oh wait that's the first spiderman intro! :oops:)

1. I love to make others happy.
2. I like everything to be in it's place.
3. Sometimes I act very childish! XD
4. If you see me for the first time, you will think I'm arrogant.
5. But once you get to know me, you will see that I love you!
6. I love soft music & slow dancing very much.
7. People really trust me (I don't know why is that! XD)
8. Very few people know that I'm "Vero!" and I know how to keep them quiet! XXDD
9. I think all girls are very cute and kind <3 ..and I know I'm wrong!
10. I'd love to live in a fantasy and romantic life forever with my lady! "& That's probably why I didn't find her till now"

Okay enough talking about myself, now let's head to the interrogation room and answer the questions by :iconvictoriared21:

1. do you love to answer the questions? :XD:
~ Yes but.. just give me some time to think about them!

2. the color of your hair?
~ Black as night

3. what's happening around you right now?
~ A lot of action! Trust me, you don't wanna know XD

4. do you have a strange talent? what is it?
~ Ummm..yes! Just check my dA page! :XD:

5. Red or blue?
~ Both actually! blue at day, red at night.

6. if everyone in the world listen to you, what would you say to?
~ Just love and play people, life is too short to hate and fight! "cute, right? XD but it's true!"

7. you have a catchphrase? what is it?
~ "I'm coming to save you sweetie!"

8. do you prefer loneliness?
~ Yes, but when duty calls I'm always there ..

9. who can get you happy?
~ Claire! :heart:

10. are you dreamer?
~ Yes.. maybe too much actually!
Now, it's time to answer my questions !!
..My first question: WHERE IS SHE ?!! :icongunplz:
"sorry I get carried away sometimes! :XD:"

Now for the actual questions ..

1. What's your most favorite day of the year?
2. Do you like it when it rains ?
3. What's your first reaction when someone tells you "I love you" ?
4. Do you like to role play as a character with your partner, friends, etc.. ?
5. How do you like to spend a vacation?
6. Do you like shopping and spending money? XD
7. What do you like to buy the most?
8. What do you fear the most?
9. What's your favorite moment in movies or games?
10. Do you have a strange hobby? If yes, what is it?

I'm finally done! :phew:  ..Oh wait, do I really have to tag 10 people? b..but they didn't do anything, pleease!!! "other than being my wonderful friends! XD :tighthug:"

Sorry, but I have to do this.. :iconaawplz:
:iconbeautifulmidnight42: :iconangeljasiel: :iconmetalchic79: :iconnightyswolf: :iconsoraya-mendez: :iconlink1245: :iconxxcherokeerosexx: :iconmarinochkaaa: :iconxxlife-starts-nowxx: :iconobessed4:

:heart: See You Later!:wave:
~ Vero Out! :XD:

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may i ask you a question when you make the pictures on deviant art you tape gags are shiny and has the outline of the lips did you use chrome on photoshop or something else because i want to make shiny tape gags to on photoshop
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Stopped by for a long delayed visit, and noticed a few new things to take a look at, so I did, and appreciated them greatly. Some delightful work. You seem not to have posted anything this year yet. Have you decided to post elsewhere, or simply stopped drawing for a while. Whatever, I wish you well, and hope things are going okay for you.
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Thanks a lot for your support, I'm glad you stopped by and found a few new enjoyable pieces from my modest work. Yes, delightful is the word and concept that I always tried to achieve here. And yes I haven't posted anything this year, sadly I moved away from making such art, though I always have the desire for a comeback whenever I can, and someday I will thanks to support like this. My best wishes for you as well and thanks again my friend.
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Hey handsome!! :love: I just wanted to tell you that I am alive and still fighting.  :heart: :iconloveredplz: i hope you are doing well and I miss our chats! I hope you are safe and know that your claire is still thinking of you. :blowkiss:
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Oh Hiiii there beautiful :wave: It's wonderful to hear that my Claire is still strong and wonderful as always :love:
:iconaawplz: I've been busy too lately, but I always think about my sweet Claire! :D I so miss our chats too, and hope to see you more like lovely times when we used to "capture" each other! :rofl: I want you to know that your Leon will always be here. :heart:
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jill valentine in real life
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Hello vero everything is fine and that's ok I don't mind if you tagged me:tighthug:and how have you been?
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Hello there my dear, I'm doing okay too  :hug: Glad that you don't mind, I tagged you because I thought about you ^^
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hey there Hug i'm sorry for that but
i tagget you. it's a little game on DA. if you don't wanna do it it's okay XD
have a nice day!! xoxo Heart
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Oh hello :wave: Sorry for the late reply ^^ Does the tag has an expire date? :XD: It's totally okay, I'll do it. It's been a while since I was here :D (Too bad I can't tag you back for what you did! XD)

Thank you a lot dear :hug:
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Happy Birthday darling! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)
I miss you!
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I really missed you too :glomp: Hey, let's have some cake :D :iconcakeplz: :iconjuiceplz::iconjuiceplz::iconpancakeplz: :iconpancakeplz: :iconglompglompplz:
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